Saturday, December 6, 2008

Get the Lead Out- Part 2

In the first blog of this three part series I talked about one of the three areas that needed to be fulfilled in order to be a leader. The first area was having the will to lead. Today I want to discuss leaders making things happen.
While the leader needs to make things happen, he cannot do this alone. The leader needs to stimulate others to reach their fullest potential by finding their strong suits and encouraging them to be the best they can be. The leader must also be ready when others make mistakes to pick them up, rinse, and repeat. Things will happen when people are reinforced with positivity and a smile. The most important thing a true leader can do is let someone know that they have potential and someone believes in them. Everybody is suited for something. Outstanding results cannot be forced out of people. They occur only when individuals collaborate under a leader's stimulation and inspiration in striving toward a worthy common goal. Helping others realize their fullest potential to contribute meaningfully will force things to happen. You cannot do this alone. If others are being stimulated to love and good works under the direction of a leader things will happen.

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